How It Started

MAC ST (pronounced Mack Street) Hospitality Group’s founder, Christos Sarantis and his wife Effie, decided to come full circle in their family businesses when they first opened the doors of their first concept, SouvlakiBar, in October of 2016. Both Christos and Effie were raised in Greek immigrant families that also owned and operated restaurants in the Washington DC area. Some may remember the famous Ascott Restaurant in DC where Christos’ family left its first mark in the city. Effie’s family owned and operated one of the first and oldest diners in the area called Steve’s Restaurant on Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, VA.

It is by no means a coincidence that the first SouvlakiBar was built in the exact spot where the former Steve’s Restaurant was located. They decided to name their hospitality group using the initials of their children and family members so that they can honor and remember the legacy of their parents. 

Growing up in the food industry has made it very clear to Christos and Effie that this business is a lifestyle, a passion, and a love of service and satisfying customers of one of the most enjoyable pleasures in life; good food, good company, and a pleasant environment to take it all in. With new restaurant and hotel concepts on the horizon, MAC ST Hospitality Group is expanding its footprint to a whole new level.